The Mother Of Death Creeps Onto The SMITE Battleground

The Battleground of the God’s grows in size today as Hi-Rez Studios announce the release of the latest addition to the ever expanding SMITE roster of awesomeness with the release of Nox, the Goddess of Night, the mother of death.

The sinister addition to the SMITE roster offers players the opportunity to utilize a new magical skill set designed to harass and poke opponents into submission. With her Nightfall Raven ability Nox can launch a Raven that applies darkness and silence to her enemies with an ultimate ability, Night Terror, the envelops her enemies in darkness while dealing damage and reducing Nox’s cooldowns.

As has become the norm with SMITE updates, Hi-Rez Studios have also released a batch of new content including brand new God skins, voice packs and a daily login bonus that rewards players for logging in every day – offering increasing awards for the most dedicated SMITE fans.

For more information on the new God Nox, check out the God Reveal episode below.

SMITE - God Reveal - Nox, Goddess of Night

Source: Press Release

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