Carbine Studios Address Dwindling PvP Population With WildStar Server Transfers

Carbine Studios today announced that server transfers will once again be available following feedback from the WildStar community after recent transfers during the Megaserver transition left many PvP fans a little disheartened. In the post the Community Manager, ThaCheez, explained the reasoning behind the original transfers and why the developers thought it best to once again make the option available to the community.

[quote cite=” ThaCheez, Community Manager”]We’ve been listening to your feedback and understand there have been some concerns for the health of PvP servers following the PvP to PvE transfers we enabled for a short time after the Megaserver deployment.

When we looked at our data, the PvP Realms (mainly Luminai for our EU players) seemed healthy, but we understand this wasn’t what players were seeing or feeling in-game. As such, we sat down and discussed how to ensure all the Megaserver realms would continue to be healthy and sustain an active and positive community.[/quote]

As of today Carbine Studios have enabled free PvP to PvE and PvE to PvP realm transfers for all players. Players are now free to switch between servers of both types assuming the switch still conforms to the normal realm transfer rules.

The server transfers will remain open indefinitely but will be monitored and potentially removed should it cause any additional problems. The developers have promised to provide appropriate notice should that be the case.

Players have already expressed their concerns over potential problems with players using PvE servers to level up outside the dangers of the traditional PvP server. Although Carbine Studios do not have any plans to counter this problem, they did state that “ensuring the health and community of each server is more vital”.

Source: Press Release

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