Mystery Of Genesis Prime Now Available In WildStar

NCSoft and Carbine Studios today announced the release of the latest update for WildStar, introducing the Mystery of Genesis Prime. The new content includes a huge variety of activities and events for higher level players, such as new zones, quests and adventures, and delivers a heavy dose of detailed lore to accompany the growing story.

The Defile, a new level 50 zone, provides end-game players with dangerous new terrain to explore, achievements to unlock and a generous dose of solo-based content. Those with a more social interest in WildStar can enjoy small group (five players) skirmishes in The Black Focus while the highly anticipated Siege of Lightspire event delivers an epic 20 person public mega event.

Check out these and other elements of the Mystery of Genesis Prime trailer below:

WildStar: Mystery of the Genesis Prime

Source: Official Website

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