NCSoft To Introduce Pets To WildStar’s Character Customization Features

Fans eagerly awaiting the next WildStar update got a little treat today as developers NCSoft lifted the veil on a huge feature scheduled to arrive with the next update as the team debut the hugely popular request, pets. According to the press release the next update, titled Invasion: Nexus, promises to provide players with plenty of exciting content as the developers introduce a huge list of over 50 pets to the game.

Players will be able to obtain the new pets through a variety of means such as rewards from quests, loot drops from powerful enemies, dungeon rewards, missions for shiphand and an optional purchase from a variety of new pet vendors that will arrive with the update.

Pets are able to be summoned at any time during your WildStar adventures and collection enthusiasts will be happy to hear there is no limit on the amount you can obtain but only a single pet can be actively summoned at any one time.

Accompanying the new pet system is a Holo-Wardrobe feature that lets players utilize new methods of customizing their characters appearance.

Source: Press Release

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