Neverwinter Child’s Play Marathon

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Perfect World Entertainment and the Neverwinter Online community team are quickly approaching the end of their 24 hour marathon event, but there’s still time to donate to Child’s Play. The livestream event began yesterday, November 13th, at noon, leaving just a few hours left of today’s event.

The team have been hard at work cracking jokes, destroying dungeons and chatting with the community; all the while battling the inevitable sleep deprivation. The Perfect World Entertainment team have set up a Child’s Play campaign to monitor the donations thus far. At the time of this posting the team have managed to secure over $2300 in donations.

There’s also some exciting new content on display for Neverwinter players as the developers explore the preview shard and the Fury of the Feywild content. For more information, to watch or donate, click here.

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