RaiderZ Now With Less RaiderZ

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

RaiderZ has hit a bit of a snag recently.  A few weeks after the title was shut down in Europe, NeoWiz announced that the game will also be taken offline in South Korea starting next month.  The final day for Korean players to jump into the action MMO title that had so much promise is going to be September 24th.  Cash purchases made in game will be reimbursed through October.

Good news at least for now is that the North American version is still fairing well.  Perfect World, who publishes RaiderZ in the U.S., even went so far as to release a ‘state of the game’ post yesterday that re-assured players that the game will not be shutting down anytime soon.  In fact they announced that they plan on ‘working continuously to keep the game fresh and the hunt thrilling’.  They plan on releasing new monsters, zones, dungeons and loot in the near future, as well as in-game events and more.

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