New British Tanks Set To Invade World Of Tanks

Over the weekend Wargaming deployed the latest update for their European and North American World of Tanks‘ players with the release of the eagerly awaited Updated 9.5. While Korean and and Asian players will have to wait until the end of the year, the West can get their hands dirty immediately with the additional of several new vehicles and some brand new maps. The new maps fills the void left by the lack of recent map updates with the introduction of the chilly Winterberg, the lonely Ghost Town and the once proud but now ruined settlement of Mittengard.

The already hugely impressive World of Tanks roster expands further today as 10 brand new British vehicles have been introduced. The latest vehicles to debut in World of Tanks include an impressive lineup of British Tank Destroyers, all taking their rightful place at Tier 5 and above. Players can now take to the battlefield in the agile Charioteer, distinguishable Archer and the iconic FV4005 Stage II, among others that also arrived with the update today.

The developers also gave fans a little something to keep them going over the holidays as they revealed the next update that’s scheduled to arrive on January 15th. Next years update will introduce a new type of missions, Personal Missions, that will offer the same powerful rewards and challenging objectives as the current mission system, but without the tedious countdown timer.

Source: Press Release

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