SMITE World Championships Cursed

Hi-Rez Studios today announced an exciting extension to their partnership with Curse, revealing that Curse Voice will be powering the SMITE World Championships event as the official voice communications software available to all of the teams and players.

Curse was introduced to the SMITE community over the Summer and after the solving of a few teething problems, received a positive response from the players due to its accessibility and ease of use.

[quote cite=”Todd Harris, Chief Operating Officer of Hi-Rez Studios. “]“Curse Voice has become a critical and beloved tool for SMITE players since we introduced it to our players over the summer. The service’s smooth integration with the game, and easy-to-use interface, have driven wide adoption and love from our community. We are proud now to feature the service at our biggest event yet, the SMITE World Championship!”[/quote]

Curse is already available to use within the SMITE client and players are offered the incentive of some free gems for trying it out. It may not be the familiar Ventrilo, Teamspeak, Mumble or Skype many gamers are used to but its high quality codecs and ease of use between random players makes it the perfect tool for SMITE.

Source: Press Release

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