New Developer Diary Highlights Artistic Elements In Escape From Tarkov

The developers of the upcoming hardcore online shooter Escape from Tarkov, Battlestate Games, today released the second episode in the developer diaries series showcasing the games 3D assets, artistic direction and detailed models. In the video the team describe the challenges and processes involved in creating a rich and realistic world.

Currently the episode is only available in Russian so be sure to turn on Closed Captions for a nifty little translation.

Escape from Tarkov. Дневник разработчиков #2 (Developer's diary #2 in Russian)

Escape from Tarkov hopes to deliver a hardcore online gaming experience for fans of the survival genre with a unique blend of features and mechanics from FPS, TPS and RPG genres. Players will immerse themselves in the Russian city of Tarkov as two private military companies fight for control in a hazardous environment and cut-throat community. Closed Beta testing is scheduled to begin some time this year, interested players can sign up here.

Source: Press Release

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