Speed Leveling Event To Accompany Blade & Soul’s Unchained Release On March 2nd

NCSoft today announced an exciting speed leveling event that will accompany the release of the highly anticipated Unchained update for the recently release Blade & Soul. The Unchained update is scheduled to release on March 2nd and once it’s live everyone that reaches level 45 before server maintenance on March 23rd will be treated to some awesome rewards.

The event applies to any character that is level 10 or below when Unchained releases. These characters will all receive an upgrade bundle and the opportunity to unlock the new Temptation costume. The upgrade bundle features a variety of rare items, all of which are untradeable.


  • Warrior’s Tokens x30
  • Siren’s Emblem x20
  • Pirate’s Emblem x20
  • Hongmoon Unsealing Charm x15
  • Naryu Silver x10
  • Element of Luck x5
  • Lucky Jewel x5


Your first character, regardless of class, that meets the criteria will unlock the costume and an upgrade bundle that will be sent account-wide.

Source: Official Website

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