New Features Released For Dragons Call 2

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Lekool Games have just announced the contents of the upcoming 1.92 patch for their side-scrolling browser MMORPG game, Dragons Call 2. The brand new update will feature new NPC characters, several new maps, deadly new instances and the highly requested increase in the level cap. The sequel to the original Dragons Call MMO, Dragons Call 2, boasts 3 races, stunning graphics and easily accessible game play. I can’t say I was aware of the first one myself but the second appears to be going strong.

New Maps

  • New map(lvl110-lvl120): City of Dissan

New Instances

  • Ancient Ruins
  • Ancient Forest
  • Crime Scene Investigation
  • Some of New Monsters

Brand New Enemies

  • Explorer of Black cliff
  • Hunter from Magda
  • Spirit of Tree in Jungle

The official release is scheduled for today and a post on the official website shows that the game is currently down for patch deployment. The 1.92 patch update is expected to launch anytime now so if you’re gagging for some new content, check out Dragons Call 2 today.

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