Warframe Celebrates 3 Million Players

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Digital Extremes have just made an exciting announcement hot on the heels of the Update 9 release; Warframe has now attracted over 3 million players. A short 7 weeks after the release of the previous large-scale content update, Update 8, the game has managed to attract an additional 1 million players based on figures released after deployment of the previous patch. The success of the MMOTPS game is great news for console fans as it gives the developers ample time to update and improve the game prior to its Playstation 4 release.

Update 9 brings with it an exciting variety of content updates including brand new weapons, the return of the scorned Captain Vor, additional decorative items for the Clan Dojo’s and the introduction of the first ever Warframe designed by The Design Council. This exclusive group gives Master and Grand Master Founders direct access to private developer forums where they can discuss potential updates for the future of the game and in this case, design an entirely new Warframe.

Nova, an antimatter-themed Warframe, is the latest addition to the constantly expanding roster and brings with it some exciting new abilities. Teleport around the map as you take down enemies one by one, mark them for death with explosive damage and run through with a powerful AoE surrounding your character.

The developers have also released a new video where Creative Director, Steve Sinclair and Lead Designer, Scott McGregor, walk you through the content in Update 9 so be sure to check it out.


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