New Game Emerges From A Mystical Land

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

A Mystical Land is being re-named and re-branded.  Developer Mad Otter and co-publisher Neonga have renamed their free to play roleplaying MMO to Villagers and Heroes.  The move is done to better match the content and focus of the game, while giving players a better idea of what to expect.

But that’s not the only thing happening in the new Villagers and Heroes.  The developer has been hard at work since the game’s open beta test began over a year ago, and is also proud to announce an expansion of many new features in their role playing game.  First, players can expect to find a lot more in terms of customization and player created content, being able to create their own gear  and combine weapons to create unique feats, abilities and cosmetic looks.  There will also be new realms to explore, everything from the snowby peaks of Shiverspine to the tropical island region of Travern.

Villagagers and Heroes has also added in new epic bosses and Animal Ranching where players can raise their own Sheep, Chicken and Pigs in order to collect valuable resources.  Players interested in Villagers and Heroes should visit their website and also vote for them on their Steam Greenlight campaign.  

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