Get All 16th Century On Your Enemies

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Today GameFuse has announced that their free to play MMOFPS, Renaissance Heroes, is now available on Steam.  Along with their addition to the ever-popular gaming portal, you can expect to find a new playable character, a new map, and a slew of new weapons added in-game.

Renaissance Heroes is an online multiplayer first person shooter that takes place in an alternative 16th century.  The game features an array of fast-paced arenas and some unique gameplay modes like Seize the Scrolls, Touchdown, and Duel, but also the standard Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag .  With a colorful array of weaponry added to the mix, Renaissance Heroes offer a little bit of everything for gamers who love first person shooters.

As a special gift for new players who register through Steam, you will receive a permanent banner that grants additional XP when equipped, but also a “Grinder-R” submachine gun, which is for killing of course.  In addition to those items, you can also purchase bundles of weapons and costumes in the Steam Shop at a 75% discount.

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