New Map Marks Beginning Of Independence Day Celebrations For Block N Load

Jagex, the creative talent behind award-winning MMORPG RuneScape, today announced the beginning of celebratory events for the buy-to-play MMOFPS game, Block N Load – introducing a brand new map for Independence Day weekend. The team-based, online shooter today welcomes the E Pluribus Unum map, a map that’s been designed to inspire the block creative talents of the Block N Load community

Available exclusively in the games Classic Mode the new map provides a patriotic backdrop as players demonstrate their block-given right to build, destroy and defend. The event is already underway and is scheduled to continue throughout the weekend until July 6th, 5AM EST.

If you’ve yet to sample the wonders of Block N Load there’s a free demo version on the official Steam page, offering potential players the opportunity to test the games most popular heroes in a variety of match-ups.

Source: Press Release

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