Skyforge Open Beta Announced For July 16th

Obsidian Entertainment and My.Com today confirmed the official dates for the launching of the Open Beta for Skyforge, arguably one of the most anticipated free-to-play MMO launches of the year. Beginning July 9th, Founder’s Pack owners will have the opportunity to cement their place in godhood as they explore the immortal playground of Skyforge several days ahead of the official Open Beta release, which opens for everyone come July 16th. The developers expect the Founder’s Pack access to seamlessly transfer into the Open Beta event, expecting minimal downtime between the two releases.

The team have expressed their excitement to have both new and returning Immortals jumping to the defense of Aelion and hope to celebrate the occasion with a unique event. All players that log into the Open Beta of Skyforge during the first week will be treated to a special commemorative gift. The gift will be a unique Mechanic Costume that will only be available during the initial week of Open Beta.

[quote cite=”Developers”]Eight months have passed since we held the Technical Beta Weekend for Skyforge and 4 months from the time we kicked off our first Closed Beta. Skyforge’s Open Beta has been a long time coming and we’re privileged to finally be ready to let everyone into the game! Open Beta is a huge step for us, but it is not the last. Skyforge will continue to expand and improve as we move forward, thanks to the ongoing efforts of our developers and community. From all of us here on the Skyforge Team, we gladly welcome you to Open Beta![/quote]

Source: Official Website

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