New Membership Deals, Raids And Grandmaster Quest Heading To RuneScape’s World OF Gielinor

Summer’s off to a spectacular start for the inhabitants of Gilenor as today Jagex, developers of the award-winning free-to-play browser MMO RuneScape, announced a bevy of upcoming events, a limited time membership deal and some brand new quests.

Those fond of donning the fabled weapons of Gilenor will be delighted to hear of a new challenge of intergalactic proportions as the dreaded planet eater, Tuska, has invaded the lands. Officially the largest beast to ever grace the RuneScape world the Tuska is a deadly beast that attained godhood after inadvertently killing a deity, no easy feat. Tuska now rampages across space and time, ripping apart and consuming every planet in her path.

Those brave enough to face the challenges that Tuska provides will be rewarded well as a new World Eater armor set fills one of the many chests containing the unknown treasures should Tuska see defeat on the field of battle. Additionally players can also obtain a new ability, Tuska’s Wrath, cosmetic God Spear weapons, a brand new emote and a unique teleport animation unlock.

[quote cite=”David Osborne, Lead Designer of RuneScape”]“The summer may be a time for some to jet off to sunnier climes, but there is no vacation for the denizens of RuneScape. Tuska is a clear and present danger to the future of Gielinor, which is why we’re asking players to put godly differences aside and unite against a common threat – the planet eater mustn’t win, at any cost. Beyond the threat from space, players will also experience Raids in RuneScape for the very first time, take part in the latest Grandmaster quest and, among the many other tasks and distractions, complete a heroic Fremennik quest. Plus, if you’re missing a day on the coast or the swimming pool to play, you can also take your hero to Lumbridge Crater, which has been turned into a beach for the summer!

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