New Security Methods Implemented Ahead Of Steam Launch For WildStar

We’ve known that WildStar is coming to Steam for some time but until today, we never knew the exact date. Previously a change in the Steam listing, that was quickly reverted, listed June 1st as the first potential release date but today the team at Carbine Studios sent out official word as WildStar launches on Steam on June 9th.

[quote cite=”Carbine Studios”]We’re looking forward to seeing new and old players alike jumping back into the fray and exploring the vast continents of Nexus, taking on a grand adventure to investigate this lost planet and learn about its origins, but more importantly kicking some butt!

Alongside the launch we’re offering new bundles through the WildStar Steam store page for those looking to get a leg up on their adventures throughout Nexus. And we’re offering very similar bundles through the In-Game Store too for those of you who aren’tplaying through Steam. In addition to some boosts and bonuses you’ll get, we’ve bundled in Signature time, some cosmetics, pets, mounts—you name it—all for a deep bundle discount.

We’ll be active on the Steam platform providing news updates, patch notes, and interacting on the Steam community sections. And if you love WildStar like we do, we’d certainly appreciate you leaving a review there too.[/quote]

Ahead of the Steam release developers Carbine Studios have introduced additional security measures that sees current players asked to verify their IP address to help protect details, information and unlockables on an account.

Source: Press Release

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