New York removes sex offenders from Xbox Live

New York is said to be removing registered sex offenders from online gaming networks such as Xbox Live ?Xbox Live being the only one specifically mentioned by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. This is the very first time any sex offense laws have ever affected gaming services. Over 3,500 accounts have already been removed from online services owned by companies such as Microsoft, Sony, Disney, Blizzard and so on.

The purge was applied under the hilarious name ?Operation Game Over? with the consent of the companies that own the networks in question.

In a press release by Eric Schneiderman he laid out just how sex offenders? accounts would be taken down. New York requires sex offenders to supply the state with their email accounts that will then be given to gaming services to remove or ban.

Eric Schneiderman seems to be doing his best to keep the gaming world safe. He subpoenaed Sony last year during the security breach kerfuffle and has now begun to remove society?s scum from Halo and Call of Duty. Strange that he would target 30 year old shut-ins that don?t see age as a barrier and not the true enemy of online gaming, the elementary students with the vocabulary of sailors.

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