Next Worlds Adrift Play Test To Feature Island Creator

Bossa Studios, developers of Surgeon Simulator and I Am Bread) today announced the largest playtest in Worlds Adrift history as the upcoming sandbox MMORPG prepares to welcome a new wave of testers. The upcoming playtest adds a host of exciting new features including the highly anticipated Shipyard – a feature that allows players to create ships and designs of almost any shape and size. Return testers can also expect an updated UI, improved framerates, additional enemy creatures and much more.

The team will also be showcasing the progression systems for the first time as players work their way up the Knowledge Tree – learning new skills and improving proficiency across multiple crafting areas. Interested players are invited to sign up on the official website with registrations open until November 18th.

Worlds Adrift - Sign up for the latest Alpha Playtest!

The Island Creator tool is now also available to download entirely for free on Steam. Using a robust selection of tools players will be able to create and upload their own unique, floating islands with some of the best even being featured in the full game. The community has already hand-crafted over 2,0000 islands with 100 featured in the upcoming test.

Source: Press Release

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