Odin & Arachne Targets Of Next SMITE Update

Hi-Rez Studios recently revealed the contents of the next SMITE update during a Twitch live stream, finally responding to the flood of requests asking for the struggling Odin and Arachne to get some much needed TLC. A slightly more unexpected turn lays in wait for Ao Kuang as the deadly mage makes way for the Mayan god Kukulkan. Once the update is released Kukulkan will take the place of Ao Kuang that includes totally reworked effects, models and voice packs. All of the unlocks and stats, including Worshiper Rank, will transfer over to Kukulkan.


Arachne will also receive a complete redesign with each of her abilities being changed to better aid her ability as an assassin.

  • Predator (Passive)
    • For every 5% of a targets missing health, Arachne’s basic attack does an additional 1.5% physical damage.
  • Venomous Bite
    • Arachne’s next basic attack does additional damage that scales with her physical power, infecting the target with damage over time and healing Arachne for the same amount.
  • Cocoon
    • Arachne’s next 3 successful attacks within 6 seconds are given an attack speed increase. If each attack hits the same target, the target becomes wrapped in a Cocoon and becomes stunned.
  • Web
    • Arachne creates a wall of web, slowing and revealing all enemies that pass through it. Enemies will also leave a web trail behind them as they retreat, giving Arachne a movement speed increase and immunity to slows.
  • Night Crawler
    • Arachne flips up and hangs above the lane with an increased movement speed for 5 seconds. She can jump from the web and deal damage to all enemies in the landing area.

Odin is another SMITE God that has seen a huge decrease in popularity following past patches that drastically reduced his ability on the battlefield. With the release of the next update comes a brand new kit for Odin, hopefully making him a viable Warrior pick once again.

  • The Allfather (Passive)
    • If an enemy dies within Odin’s Ring of Spears ultimate, Odin gains 5 physical power that can stack up to 10 times.
  • Lunge
    • Odin jumps to target location doing damage that scales with his physical power.
  • Raven Shout
    • A flock of Ravens is summoned to create a shield around Odin that blocks incoming damage. When the shield expires it creates an explosion that deals damage to all nearby enemies. The shield will not explore while Odin is using Lunge, allowing players to time a jump with Lunge to maximize the damage of Raven Shout.
  • Gungnir’s Might
    • Odin sweeps nearby enemies with his spear doing physical damage.
  • Ring of Spears
    • Odin summons a Ring of Spears that blocks all enemy movement but allows allies to move freely. It does not block abilities. Enemies trapped inside the ring have a reduced attack speed and healing removed.

The patch is expected to arrive later this week.

Source: SMITE Central

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