Old-School RuneScape Turns Two, Introduces New Features

The popular 2007 version of the award-winning MMO from Jagex still resonates among many of the community as they celebrate the Old School reboots second anniversary today. The developers are now making it easier than ever to return to that nostalgic era of browser-based gaming as they introduce new free-to-play aspects to Old School RuneScape.

Beginning today players can access the majority of Old School RuneScape’s features for free, although Jagex have opted to still maintain a subscription model for certain elements. However, as a direct response to the communities feedback the team have added the ability to subscribe for the optional features with either real cash or in-game currency.

To celebrate the second anniversary the team will be on hand throughout the weekend in a live stream event, raising money and awareness for charity and GameBlast 2015.

Source: MMORPG

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