On EVE and DUST, World Building, and Universal Community

I have to say, I REALLY like what CCP is doing with EVE Online and DUST 514.  Making two completely separate games that take place in one universe that communicate directly with one another in a way that can radically alter the history of both.  That is a big thing that video games are about: world building.

This concept is more sensible as a design philosophy, i.e. the way a game designer sees it.  From that perspective you can go on to capture two different audiences, one being PC role-players and the other being console shooting fans.  From here you can take both of these groups, who are usually part of different communities, and bring them together under one universal goal, which in the case of the EVE universe is to find your place in the galaxy.

Both EVE and DUST will impact each other in ways that we haven’t really seen before in a video game.  As CCP said about DUST 514, “They [EVE players] do the flying while they [DUST players] do the dying.”  While games have had interconnectivity before, it has been almost exclusively aimed at giving players extra items or for continuing the same game on the go.  These are two different games from different genres that use one universe to impact both games.

The way it works in simple terms for convenience of this article is that EVE players can contact DUST players to be mercenaries in fights on planets.  This can then give the faction that wins control of a certain planet, or at least a section of the planet.  What this does is creates a virtual arms race between factions for the most power and the most control.  What it means for gamers is more fun for everyone.

Personally, I’m a very big FPS fan and I can’t wait to play DUST 514 when it comes out.  It’ll be on PS3 and Vita, meaning there are more ways to both stay connected to the EVE universe and also to play a game that looks like it’ll be a lot of fun when it comes out hopefully this year.  Expect to hear more about both DUST 514 and EVE Online right here on MMOAttack when DUST 514 launches!


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