Onigiri Xbox One MMO Delayed

Western fans of the Onigiri franchise were looking forward to sampling the Xbox One free-to-play MMO next week but today developers Cyberstep has announced that the game will be delayed due to last minute “scheduling issues”. According to the announcement the delay will not be for too long, although they have yet to provide information relating to a new official release date.

Onigiri was originally intended to join The Elder Scrolls Online and Neverwinter in the battle for MMO supremacy on the Xbox One next week but today’s announcement could see it launch at a much later date. Heavily inspired by Japanese mythology, Onigiri boasts a cute anime setting midst outlandish enemies and action-based RPG gameplay. The game has gathered an impressive following since its November launch in 2014 but has yet to make its mark on Western audiences.

Exclusive first look at Onigiri for Xbox One

Source: Xbox Achievements

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