WildStar Transition To Free-To-Play Coming This Month

WildStar developers Carbine Studios and publisher NCSoft today announced the official launch date for the upcoming transition to a free-to-play revenue model for the award-winning MMO, WildStar. Currently Carbine Studios are hosting the first of a two stage Closed Beta event aimed at ensuring balance and technical stability for when the transition to free-to-play occurs, with the second stage expected to begin soon – focusing on balancing the free-to-play economy with in-game purchases and micro-transactions.

Officially the Closed Beta periods for WildStar’s free-to-play version will end this month with a full free-to-play launch expected to arrive on September 29th. Players who still maintain an active subscription to WildStar are able to download the beta client for instant access to the current and future Closed Beta stages building up to the free-to-play release.

The team originally announced that WildStar will be making the free-to-play leap last May, so we’ve been waiting some time for details surrounding an official release.

Source: Digital Trend

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