Overwatch’s Competitive Launch Scarred By New Exploit

Blizzard only recently debuted the Competitive Play mode for the critically acclaimed online shooter, Overwatch, but already the award-winning developers are experiencing first-hand the cut-throat nature of the competitive community following the discovery and over-use of a game-breaking exploit.

The new Competitive Play mode for Overwatch promises players endless bounties as golden weapons and other exciting rewards entice players to jump into the competitive arena. With such fantastic rewards on offer, it’s obvious to anyone that players will go above and beyond to ensure victory and keep their win percentage high.

Some of these players however are taking things a little too far. At the moment it seems a bug appears when a team plays Genji and Hanzo at the same time, causing the entire match to crash and throw everyone back to lobby. While this may seem a minor annoyance on the surface the crashed match does not register any stats, victories or losses. It’s not uncommon for a losing team to deploy this tactic to ensure they do not have negative stats recorded on their account, the while winners receive nothing through their hard earned victory.

Would you exploit a bug like this if you thought you could get away with it? Post a comment below.

Source: MMOSite

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