Path of Exile – New Trailer Revealed

So we all know that Path of Exile is starting it’s open beat on January 23rd right?  Oh you don’t?  Well I guess that means you didn’t read Thomas’ article on January 11th about Path of Exile’s open beta launch of January 23rd.

Never fear, because now you know.  The action RPG by Grinding Gear Games is excited to have you and all your friends join them for the open beta and are hoping that this video below will help convince you.  The clip features many views of the game’s gorgeous presentation as well as a little introduction to all six characters classes and some customization and build functionality.

Path of Exile will be launched as a free to play RPG title and offers the “deepest item system in any action RPG”.  That statement is thrown right at Blizzard and Diablo III i’m guessing.  The game will be supported by ethical micro transactions and you can sign up for the open beta on their website.  Enjoy the trailer.

Path of Exile - exclusive open beta trailer [HD]

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