Goodgame Big Farm Attracts 10+ Million Players In 6 Months

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

Goodgame launched their strategy fueled farming MMO last year to a skeptical audience but its unique approach to a troubled niche quickly squashed any doubts. Goodgame Big Farm was released in fall of 2012 and has since become one of the most popular titles in Goodgame’s free-to-play MMO arsenal. The Hamburg-based developers wanted to bring something unique and fresh to a genre dominated by micro-management and spamming left click.

It appears that their efforts have been fruitful as Goodgame Studios have just announced the reaching of the 10 million player milestone for Goodgame Big Farm.

?Reaching over ten million players in just over half a year ? many outsiders didn?t think Goodgame Big Farm was capable of doing that,? says Dr. Christian Wawrzinek, as COO also responsible for game development at Goodgame Studios. ?We were certain of the game?s potential ourselves, as it had been developed by a talented and very experienced team. So we are very happy to have reached this milestone so quickly, but we are not surprised.?

Love it or hate it, the farming MMO niche still occupies one of the most popular slots in all of MMO gaming. With the rise and fall of various newer farming titles, Goodgame Big Farm continues to impress with regular updates and new events on a frequent basis.

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