Phantasy Star Online 2 is free to play, iOS/Android version planned

Details have been shared today on Sega’s Phantasy Star Online 2.  They have revealed that the game, or a version of it at least, will be coming to a third platform, your phone.  Sega also shared details on the pricing scheme for the game, free to play!  Yes, the game will be free to download and the play and will use an item transaction system, which means you will need to pay for some in-game items.  This is a big change from past PSO games as far as pricing goes.

The smartphone version will be slightly different from the PC and Vita version. The PC and Vita versions offer cross platform play. The smartphone version will just share data with the two versions.

Sega also says that the smartphone version will offer simpler character creation, and a simpler control experience, complete with social game elements.  Sega says to expect a more “personal” and “simple” experience compared to the other two versions, which is what we have kind of come to expect with many cross-over games.

We still have some time to wait before we get the full release of the game.  The PC version of PSO2 is expected to arrive first, with service planned to begin in early summer.  The smartphone version will grace our hands come next winter, while the Vita version is not due until about a year from now, Spring of 2013.

Sega will hold the game’s closed beta test in late April. The test is expected to reach a scale of 100,000, and will allow for 24 hour play.  Players will also get to sample story elements from the game.

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