PS Vita’s Unit 13 developer shutting down

Zipper Interactive, the studio behind tactical shooter series SOCOM, massive online first person?shooter MAG, and more recently released Playstation Vita game, Unit 13, are rumoured to be facing massive layoffs. Kotaku has reported their unnamed sources have claimed that the Sony-owned studio has recently suffered a project cancellation, as well as being in the process of cutting jobs. While the number of layoffs has not been specified, the scale of job cuts is supposedly indicative of a studio closure.

Zipper interactive released action shooter Unit 13 earlier this month to generally positive?reviews, as well as having had recent releases SOCOM 4 and MAG for the Playstation 3, both?multiplayer focused games. They were also the developers responsible for MechWarrior 3 as?well as Crimson Skies.

So far, Sony has declined to comment on the rumor.

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