PlanetSide 2 Gears Up To Smash World Record

Sony Online Entertainment are looking to reclaim their crown this month as they reveal the full plans for their attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most players in a single online FPS game with PlanetSide 2. The news comes in the form of a new announcement on the official website, offering interested players all the information they’ll need to get involved in the record breaking attempt.

Originally Sony Online Entertainment’s PlanetSide game held the title before a purpose made game, Man vs Machine, stripped it clear. 3 years later and SOE finally have the game and technology they need to return the record to its rightful owner.

[quote cite=”SOE”]Our record attempt will consist of approximately 1,100 players and take place on the Jaeger competitive server as a 3 way match on Hossin, pitting each FACTION, not servers, against each other. What this means is that a TR from Connery will be fighting alongside the combined TR populations from all servers; the same goes for the NC and VS.

This will be by far the biggest organized event for Planetside Battles, as a community, and for Planetside as a game, and we are announcing this as early as we can to prepare. We cannot do this without the help that SOE is providing and we cannot do this without YOU.[/quote]

The developers hope to include 1,100 players in the event, not a huge increase on the previous record of 999 but it’ll do the trick. The event will take place on January 24th at 22:00 UCT. Full details on the sign up process can be seen here.

Source: Press Release

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