Progressive Era Revealed For Forge Of Empires

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InnoGames, the developers behind a variety of popular free-to-play MMO games, have just announced an exciting upcoming update for their popular MMORTS title, Forge of Empires. The addition of a new era brings the total number available in Forge of Empires to 9, building on its previous update that introduced the Industrial Era a short while ago.

The new Progressive
Era will take players on a journey further into the future, granting access to never before seen buildings, units, quests and mechanics. New technologies will be introduced that will allow players to prepare for automobiles, and launch additional feats of technology with the construction of zeppelins and billboards.

The world map will also have a complete overhaul, providing players with a whole new series of conflicts on a massive scale. The Progressive Era update will be added to the international client on July 24th while Europeans and other countries will have to wait until July 30th.

It’s setting up to be an exciting time for fans of Forge of Empires. Players will have to completely redesign the layouts of their towns as new two-way-road systems will play a vital part in your cities transportation efforts. Many of the new buildings will have to be connected with the new transportation options so there are plenty of challenges waiting on July 24.

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