Race Iconic World War II Tanks Online In New WoT Update

Wargaming today announced an exciting new mode for the critically acclaimed World War II action epic World of Tanks, with the debut of the new Tank Rally mode. The Tank Rally mode will see players compete against one another on a racing track full of explosive destruction and action, but only for a limited time. Beginning on September 29th the mode will arrive in World of Tanks, giving players the opportunity to test their mettle in high-octane racing action until October 12th.

Tank Rally Mode pits teams of 3 members against each other on a completely redesigned version of the popular in-game port Port map. Players won’t simply be racing to the finish line to claim victory, they’ll have to capture a single control point while destroying the opposition en route.

Veteran World of Tanks players will notice a number of changes to the map itself including ramps, explosives and dozens of interactive objects that will push your abilities to the very limit.

The only
tank available in the new mode will be the custom built M24 Chaffee
Sport tank that will be given to all registered players for free.

Tank Rally mode will also come complete with a special in-game medal,
“Racer 2014,” awarded for being on a winning team, as well as a set of
combat missions enabling tankers to earn experience points and credits.

Source: Press Release

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