Ragnarok Online Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

WarpPortal has yet again announced some big news, this time for their classic MMORPG title, Ragnarok Online. The sequel to Ragnarok has been nothing short of a success so far, but today online players are focusing on the former, celebrating the 10 year anniversary of a great MMO. Players have continued to stay passionately dedicated to the original game, and for good reason.

A new update launched for Ragnarok Online yesterday called 14.2 Eclage. The last update for Rangnarok (14.1) came back in 2011, so fans have patiently been waiting for improvements on their favorite MMORPG. Two years later we find ourselves at the dawn of an improved online world. The update brings significant changes and additions to the game. New maps, enemies, equipment, and dungeons will all be available to explore. This content will support the endeavors of characters following a newly added quest line. The new quest storyline will pick up right where the 2011 Bifrost update left off.

Don?t forget about all the anniversary content either. Players will have a specific quest exclusive to the birthday celebration, so you may want to check it out while you still can. The anniversary also has an in-game festival in which players can relax by taking part in some friendly new competition.

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