Lords and Knights – Mobile MMO Has 6 Million Users

The successful mobile MMO Lords and Knights is giving back to it?s loyal fan base for helping the game reach a six million user milestone. The game is available on iOS, Android, and internet browser, winning a ?Best of Apple App Store 2012? award.

To celebrate reaching 6 million users, every player will be granted 200 gold coins. It doesn?t matter how long you?ve been playing, or how strong your character is. Everyone will get fair share of the 50 million premium currency units be distributed. The biggest gift players can obtain though will be 100 magic potions, 100 water canisters, and 50 soul stones. These gifts will be available in ?Celtic Tribes?, ?Crazy Tribes? and ?Lords of Blood?, respectively.

It?s worth mentioning that Lords and Knights will provide the same 200 gold coin benefit in the form of a starter pack. Anyone willing to join the MMO community by Monday will have the chance at starting their awesome online journey with a free bonus.

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