Ragnarok Online to debut classic server

Marina del Rey, California -June 28, 2012 – Gravity Interactive, a publisher of exciting massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), announced today that the long-awaited Ragnarok Online Classic server will make its debut beginning tomorrow, June 29th. This latest server will cater to players that enjoyed Ragnarok Online in its more simple and classic form. To check out the Classic server and download Ragnarok Online for free, players can visit http://www.playragnarok.com/

Ragnarok has a long history, and through the years there have been several major updates to expand the world, game systems and ultimately even the game settings. The biggest update, Renewal, incorporated new stories and classes with a completely new experience. However, fans who miss the original now will have a choice of gameplay between the original “Classic” version and Renewed. This new Classic server will run as a completely separate server and use all the original game settings and physics!

“The Ragnarok community has been asking for years to give them an option to play the game the way we all remember it, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to grant that opportunity,” said Jason Heimdallr Koerperich, Ragnarok Online Producer at Gravity Interactive. Players can now dive into the classic Ragnarok Online experience they originally fell in love with so many years ago.”

Players can expect to feel right at home in the Classic server, but with a few twists that take advantage of a decade worth of content! Relive that first push to be the first 99, or the most powerful of your class. Reminisce with your friends in a low stress game environment and have fun the whole time! To stay current on the Classic server happenings visit the announcement page.

Players can join now at http://www.playragnarok.com/ and play on the Classic or Renewal servers, or follow the official Facebook page.

About Ragnarok Online

Ragnarok Online is a fast-paced, 3rd person fantasy MMORPG, where friends can make parties, groups can make guilds, and the powerful can battle for top spots in weekly Guild vs. Guild battle to gain?supremely powerful items of the Gods. Combine hundreds of options to optimize your equipment and appearance, along with fully?customize-able?stats and skills to make your adventurer truly unique! With dozens of classes, you can find the one that fits your play style, band together in parties to fight powerful MVP bosses for unique gear or hunt monsters for cards to get unique and?customize-able?effects for your equipment. Sell these newly acquired items or player-created ones, including potions and weapons, to your fellow adventurers in a fully player-driven economy. Take pets out for a walk through the hundreds of areas from lush forests to creepy ruins or even through the bottom of the ocean! Quest to hunt the deadliest of creatures, to learn about the lore and history of Midgard, or find a way to journey to new locations that become available with Ragnarok’s regular update schedule.

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