Rappelz is a free-to-play MMORPG developed by the Korean company Gala Lab. The game features three races: Deva, Gaia and Asura. Each one branches out into three base classes players can choose from: Warrior, Magician and Summoner.

The class system is extremely varied with numerous class jobs for each base class. Gaining experience points in Rappelz is done through traditional methods such as questing, killing normal monsters in the open world or high difficulty monsters in the game?s dungeons. Unlike the vast majority of MMORPGs, Rappelz does not use instanced dungeons.

That means that different parties can interact with each other within the dungeon. Another appealing layer of the dungeon system is the feature that enables guilds to claim ownership of a dungeon and thus gain special rewards in the form of taxes. Once a dungeon is claimed by a guild, ownership of that dungeon can be contested only once a week during a fixed time interval.

In Rappelz, almost all zones allow for open PVP. The PVP free areas are several of the game?s towns and starting regions. However, players that do not wish to engage in PVP have the option to turn off their PVP status and thus protect themselves from PK.

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