RF Online Will Be Launching Officially On GamesCampus

Gamescampus, the leading online game publisher, announced today that it will be taking over the service of and officially relaunching the PVP centric sci-fi MMORPG, RF Online. In order to celebrate the launch, RF Online have been hosting a variety of cool events that started on September 7th, 2012. Players are able to transfer their accounts from the former host to the GamesCampus network if need be.

?Rising Force Online combines a mix of fantasy with a healthy dose of science fiction, catapulting players into a massive three-faction nonstop battle that equips them with everything from swords to nuclear weapons. The ultimate goal is to bring their opposing factions to their knees!?

Now through November 6th, there will be a variety of events to celebrate the arrival of the game to the new GamesCampus servers. The new event server will be available to give new users a chance to level, with server-wide EXP (including animus) and PT accrual increased to 1000%.

There is an activity during the event that encourages players to level up as best they can and compete to get the highest level and the top players will be receiving ?fantastic prizes?. In addition, players can also take advantage of level rewards and powerful weapons as characters on the new server reach specific levels.

?We wish to welcome all new and transferring RF Online players to GamesCampus,” said Hubert Yee, Head of Marketing at GamesCampus. “One of the most popular sci-fi MMORPG’s out there today, RF Online, is a perfect fit for our gaming portal. New and transferring players are going to like what we have in store.?

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