Stronghold Kingdoms Continues to Reign

Firefly Studios has announced that Stronghold Kingdoms still holds the rank of second most popular free-to-play game on Steam for over six months.

The game has made a name for itself on the Steam platform since it had launched on the service about six months ago. Claiming the number two spot in Steam?s free-to-play section, the game is even ahead of others such as APB Reloaded and Age of Empires Online.

The game became instantly popular and has not shown signs of slowing down at all. Kingdoms has managed to hold off against newcomers to the free-to-play space. Tribes: Ascend and Blacklight: Retribution have made their way onto the charts but still have not been able to compete with Kingdoms for its number two spot.

The game has also even made it to the top ten overall chart on Steam. The chart includes popular Steam choices like Dota 2, Counter-Strike and ARMA II, required to play the popular Day-Z game modification.

To mark the occasion Firefly has released the first in a series of tutorial videos for Kingdoms, which is designed to help new players play the game. They have also added some recent additions that include a new Quests system and several new worlds, with the intention to bring Kingdoms to new platforms and territories.

The game currently has over a million registered users.

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