Riot Games Working On A League Of Legends TCG?

A hacker going by the name of “Jason” recently gained access to Riot Games President and CMO Marc Merrill’s Twitter account, revealing some rather exciting information for a previously unannounced League of Legends project. During the takeover of the account the hacker sent many messages to Mark’s thousands of followers including information on League of Legends Supremacy.

The hacker Tweeted links to an online gallery containing many concept images and design ideas for the rumored CCG title, all of which have since been removed. Marc has since taken control of his Twitter account and posted the following:

Yup, someone got onto my Twitter account. Yup, someone shared some old
screens from one of the many prototypes we’ve experimented with.

We’re always working on a variety of new ideas for League & beyond.
Lots of experimentation that may never see the light of day 🙂

Riot Games have proven their expertise in the field of free-to-play with the continued success of League of Legends and if there’s one problem with the MMOTCG/MMOCCG genre, it’s the lack of balanced free-to-play options. Whether or not League of Legends Supremacy will ever see the light of day is yet to be seen, but even a hint of a League TCG gets me excited.

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