Rumble Fighter: Reloaded Now Available

As seen on Todays Daily XP Video!

OGPlanet have just announced a massive update to their popular longstanding action MMORPG game, Rumble Fighter. Now operating under the name Rumble Fighter: Reloaded, the adrenaline fueled combat MMO welcomes its largest update since its original launch over 6 years ago. Included in the new update are brand new in-game arenas, new bosses, a selection of exciting new items and the long awaited social Plaza.

Rumble Fighter: Reloaded Key Features:

  • Plaza
    – Take a break from the intense action and meet friends and other players in a brand new social setting. Chat with others, forge friendships and even go fishing to earn some new rewards.
  • Quest System – Daily Quests have been introduced to provide players with new methods of obtaining rare and powerful items
    – A brand new Adventure Mode challenge that poses some of the most difficult fights in the game. Players are tasked with infiltrating Dr. Nature’s headquarters with the deadly Big Dog boss fight waiting for those skilled enough to reach the end.
  • New Battle Maps
    – Basseterre Bridge and Overpass are the two latest maps to join the Rumble Fighter: Reloaded roster.
  • New Items
    – A new Random Box has been introduced that contains a variety of rare items. New Scrolls and Exocores have also been added to introduce a unique selection of deadly attacking abilities.
  • Improved Training Mode
    – The new training mode allows players to choose the map they wish to train on and even adjust the settings of NPC characters.

To celebrate the launch of Rumble Fighter: Reloaded the developers have introduced a variety of exciting in-game events that will run through until August 2nd.

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