Runescape 3 Release Date Finally Announced

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Jagex has just announced some pretty exciting news. The creators of the Guinness World Record title Runescape is about to launch their highly anticipated successor, Runescape 3. The highly customizable MMO fantasy world is now set to release later this month, on July 22.

The free-to-play MMO adventure series has been one of the most revered games in the entire MMO genre over the last decade. Nowadays more people rip on the graphics then they do suggest playing, but the series has never quit burned out in the hearts of gamers. Runescape 3 will not only make a large population of gamers very happy with its launch, but it will also attract a whole new demographic of players in the process. The MMO finally takes a transition into HTML 5 technology of browser gaming, which will do wonders for overall gaming experience and at the very least not require the use of Java.

New browser technology won?t be the only thing supporting this games launch. Player created content was always a perk in the series. Runescape 3 will introduce a large focus on the game?s ground-breaking player created endeavors. Seasonal high scores will keep a nice level of competition, as players are immersed in innovative gameplay and an original narrative. Based on hype, this is going to be one solid MMO gaming experience; and with a company track record like the one Jagex has, players can believe it.

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