Scarlet Blade – PvP Info Released

Just a few weeks ago we announced a brand new game from Aeria Games called Scarlet Blade.  The game is to be an ‘adult / mature MMORPG’, which by all the information we’ve seen so far, means that there’s a lot of boobies. Hey, I’m just telling it like it is.  Scarlet Blade will feature super human female characters that are destined to save the world from the invasion of the Narak.

Well today Aeria Games is teasing us with a bit more information about their upcoming free to play online game.  There will be several different PvP modes available at the launch of Scarlet Blade.  And they also plan on releasing more with future content updates.  They will have 1v1 duels, but also feature some larger scale battles with faction warfare.

Scarlet Blade will feature an open-world PvP zone which will allow players to group up and battle huge bosses that will drop some pretty valuable loot.  Players from both factions will be able to compete against these bosses which i would imagine will bring in some pretty fierce battles over who wins the loot.  Aeria Games has also said that there will be two unique battlefields that can support 30v30 battles and 80v80 battles.  Players will be able to earn Rank Points and loot dog tags from their slain enemies and use them to trade in for unique items and PvP exclusive gear.

For more information about Scarlet Blade, and to get some details about their upcoming beat, visit their website.

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