Top 10 Strangest MMOs Ever Made

As with any genre, we’ve our fair share of odd ducks in the world of MMOs. Where other developers try to copy World of Warcraft, the men and women responsible for the creation of these titles have, in many cases, strayed so far off the beaten path one has to wonder if they’re even on the trail anymore.
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Ten of the Strangest MMOs Ever Made

Not every game ever developed makes perfect sense. Although the MMO market is (presumably) harder to break into than most, it nevertheless has its fair share of odd ducks. After a bit of digging, I’ve managed to come up with a list of the strangest black sheep MMOs have to offer. Note that none of these games are necessarily BAD…they’re just head-scratchingly, wall-bangingly bizarre.

Top 10 F2P Open Beta MMO Games – MMO Attack’s Top 10

MMO ATK is proud to present the Top 10 F2P MMO Tactics Games! To review a full text version of the list as well as expanded information and links for each game, check out our article HERE
*No Dragon’s Prophet?!? Sadly the title was still in Closed Beta at the time of filming, but since it’s hit Open, we’re giving it honorable mention — Check it out!
*Kritika Online is currently in Korean-only Open Beta. Sorry for any confusion! For those interested, make sure to keep to for first word on wider release!
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Dragon’s Prophet, Marvel Heroes, Scarlet Blade and more! – The Daily XP May 27th

The Daily XP is MMO ATK’s Daily MMO and MMORPG News Show.  Come back each and every day for highlights of the days most current stories.

Today on the Daily XP:
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Face of Mankind: An Odyssey Trailer | [timer]84[/timer] – Read

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Top 10 Free-To-Play Open Beta MMOs

Open betas are for everyone, and tend to be free of charge regardless of future subscription or cost. Players not only get a chance to give feedback for future game developments, but they also get to play a game that they may later miss out on due to cost or review. MMO Attack went ahead and found ten of the best free open betas available right now.

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Elder Scrolls Online closed beta, Scarlet Blade, Diablo III and more! – Weekly Loot Ep. 42

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This week we discuss:
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Diablo III itemization changes
Elder Scrolls Online closed beta
Knight Age expansion
Scarlet Blade’s PvP
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Scarlet Blade Exclusive Publisher Interview – Diana Hsu

Aeria Games invited MMO ATK to take a look at Scarlet Blade before their closed beta begins.  Kirk interviewed Diana Hsu, Associate Producer for Scarlet Blade and Aeria Games.
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