Sci-Fi Show Defiance Renewed For Second Season

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The new sci-fi MMOTPS Defiance is already being picked up for a second season. According to a press release from the Syfy network, Defiance will be renewed for a second season after becoming the first successful cross media project between television and gaming.

For those who don?t know, Defiance is a science fiction story that takes place in the year 2046. After an alien invasion decimates earth, players have come together to help restore human order. Everything that happens in the massive online role-playing game will have an effect on the outcome of the television show. The first season has already set a tone for how much of an impact player?s gameplay will have over the outcome of the television storyline.

There have been mixed reviews about how truly involved people feel with the project. Still, it?s obvious how entertaining this increasingly popular MMO really is. Television show aside, Defiance is starting to build a solid community. Season 2 will consist of thirteen episodes which will premiere in 2014, so make sure to keep checking back with MMO ATK for future updates on the project.

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