Scott Pilgrim VS The World – Online Multiplayer DLC

Last August there were a number of unhappy Scott Pilgrim
fans when the Xbox Live marketplace mislead gamers by posting a DLC release
date months before its intended release. Fervent fans can now rest easy with
the trailer and confirmation of the Scott
Pilgrim: Online Multiplayer and Wallace Pack.
Finally fans can break from
the already successful one player mode and connect with each other online
through one of their favorite 8-bit experiences.

will be much more content involved including the obvious use of the character Wallace
Wells. Scott?s lovable roommate comes with his own set of unique moves. The
game in turn has also added new achievements based on accomplishing feats with the
new character. The best addition is easily ?Wallaciraptor!” ? an
achievement for knocking out 200 enemies in online mode.

Scott Pilgrim: Online Multiplayer and
Wallace Pack
is set to release on February 6 for Xbox Live along with the
PlayStation Network. The downloadable content will cost less than originally
expected at a mere 160 Microsoft points. Maybe Ubisoft felt bad for trolling
their fans for over five months. At the same time maybe it just took really
long to implement a change as massive as allowing online play. Don?t forget
involving so many characters, fantastic 8-bit music from bands like Anamanguchi,
and a seamlessly perfect recreation of classic arcade fighters. Whatever the
reason may be, this game and its new content are worth a look for most. Check
out the trailer for the new DLC below.

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