Otherland Gameplay | First Impressions HD

Otherland is an Unreal-powered Action MMORPG based on the highly acclaimed novels by Tad Williams.  Unfortunately this game, and we’ll just cut straight to the point, sucks.  It’s been in development for a while now and all the hype has died and the game gives no redeeming qualities.

But please, watch our video to find out more!


Second Closed Beta Event Underway In Otherland

Otherland News

DRAGO Entertainment today announced the launch of the second closed beta testing phase for the highly anticipated upcoming Unreal 3 engine MMORPG, Otherland. The launch of the second closed beta is accompanied by a brand new client that includes many exciting features such as crafting, the eDNA system, the Auction House, in-game mail systems and … Read more

Otherland Launches Closed Beta After Yearlong Absence

Otherland News

Drago Entertainment today announced the beginning of the closed beta testing period for the highly anticipated MMORPG based on the fictional writings of Tadd Williams, Otherland. Invited players can now explore the entirely revamped world of Otherland, complete with its visually impressive cyberpunk themed game world and virtual reality backdrop. Otherland was originally intended to … Read more