Shadow Hunter Goes Arriving With Take Flight Content Update In Trove

Trion Worlds today lifted the veil on the upcoming Spring update for the voxel-based exploration MMO, Trove. According to the new information highlighted on the official website the Take Flight update will see the debut of the Shadow Hunter, a deadly ranged class that will utilize a bow and arrow.

One of the more noteworthy abilities is the Dark Whispers passive skill that gives the Shadow Hunter the unique ability to see and attack enemies through a variety of different obstacles.

Below is a quick recap of all of the Shadow Hunter abilities currently revealed.

Dark Whispers (Passive): A special crystal lets the Shadow Hunter track a target through any obstacle while peppering them with empowered shots.
Radiant Arrow: Fire a scintillating shot that pierces through walls – and other enemies!
Sun Snare: Set a trap that dazzles your foes with a luminous flare, knocking them senseless for a short time.
Arrow of the Goddess (Ultimate): Mark ALL nearby enemies with Dark Whispers and let fly with a Radiant Arrow touched by the Goddess herself.

Source: Official Website

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