Shadowrun Online Heading To Steam Early Access

Cliffhanger Productions today revealed that the eagerly awaited Kickstarter funded Shadowrun Online will be joining the Steam Early Access platform on March 31st. The Kickstarter campaign was first launched in July of 2012 and by the end of April, it had just about tipped its goal of $500,000, boasting $558,863 from over 6,000 unique supporters. It was originally meant to release in May of 2013 but problems with investors and staff meant severe delays were unavoidable but backers have today finally had a slice of good news.

A new developer video has been released that provides additional information surrounding the Steam Early Access release, including backer rewards and prizes, alongside the addressing of concerns surrounding the previously announced mobile and tablet versions. Cliffhanger Productions have confirmed that the game is still expected to launch across all previously announced platforms although a Steam/PC version will be the first available.

Other information in the video includes the missing portraits promised to backers, private pre-release builds for Kickstarter supporters and the actual contents of the Early Access version which has been announced as a prequel to the Lockdown campaign.

Source: MMORPG

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