Skyforge Community Guide Video – Combat Looks Insane and Obsidian Entertainment recently released a new video created by one of the community members during the current Skyforge alpha testing, showcasing a variety of the games features including an incredibly impressive combat system. As seen in the video below, Skyforge offers a very interactive combat experience that breaks the dull and repetitive nature of today’s traditional MMO-style fighting.

Players can use either “Tab” or an on-screen reticule to target their opponents, before unleashing a variety of combination based attacks – each of which look amazing and are complimented by detailed animations and vibrant surroundings. The player goes in to additional detail explaining that abilities can evolve, increasing the potency of the ability and occasionally even the number of targets it can hit.

We are very pleased to present this amazing Skyforge Game Guide created
by Wizardkir, a member of the Skyforge community! It features a
detailed walk through for players new to the game!

Topics covered
in this video are: basic movement, combat, character stats &
progression, transportation, quests & adventures and many more!
This is truly a fantastic video made for the community, by the

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